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‘Young Adult’ Review: Another stunning performance by Charlize Theron

A moving story about a woman who tries to relive her glory days by going back to her hometown and getting her high school sweetheart back.

“Young Adult” serves as a wonderful showcase for all star actress Charlize Theron, who plays Mavis Gary and a breakthrough performance for actor Patton Oswalt, who plays Matt, a former classmate.

Diablo Cody doesn’t disappoint with her unique writing style, but there a few slow moments that weren’t necessary. Cody’s first big hit “Juno” is a better movie, but you can definitely see the similarities in the two. Both films have darker moments, but also feature several comedic scenes.

One scene in particular in “Young Adult” is when Mavis is talking to Matt outside the bar and explains how she’s going to get her high school boyfriend back. He responds saying, “You know he’s married, with a kid on the way right?” Mavis says, “Oh no the kid’s here, its OK I’ve got baggage too.”

I felt sorry for Mavis throughout the movie and I think that’s what both Cody and Theron wanted to accomplish. There are several women in America that are like this and I hope this is a wake up call for them saying, “This is not how you get your man back!” Seriously, I hope it does.

Patrick Wilson plays small town Minnesota man, Buddy, who Mavis is trying to win back. He’s a perfect fit for this role and his apathetic personality is a great addition to the story.

Overall “Young Adult” is worth watching for Theron’s fab performance.

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