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‘Veronica Mars’ Review: Starring Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring & Enrico Colantoni

It’s here y’all. After finishing a complete binge watching of the entire Veronica Mars series only a few weeks ago, I’ve been counting down the days for this fan kickstarter film to be released. Die-hard VM fans have been waiting for this day since 2007, when the show shockingly ended after only three seasons. What was worse is that the finale of season three was one of the most disappointing and bland finales in TV history, leaving several questions unanswered.

We fans have been waiting to see if Veronica ever did take on a career with the FBI, where Wallace and Mac end up after college, what happened with Keith’s lawsuit and most importantly, if Veronica and Logan are the true soul mates all of us LoVe fans are hoping they would be! Well fellow marshmallow fans our film is here and I couldn’t be more fangirl freaked about it!

For non-fans of the show, first of all dedicate a few weekends to watching the amazingness that is this series, but have no fear…the first few minutes of the film is an entire recap of the three seasons and summarizes it quite nicely for people who have never seen the show.

Once a teenage private investigator in Neptune, CA, Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) has traded in the sun and sand for New York City, where she just recently graduated from law school. Veronica and her college boyfriend Piz (Chris Lowell) rekindled their romance not too long ago and everything seems to be peachy keen in her life as she is interviewing at top NYC law firms.

Just when things seem to be moving forward for Veronica, she gets a call from her ex-boyfriend and major dreamboat Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring), who has just been accused of murdering his girlfriend (again!). Logan asks for Veronica’s help and before we know it, our favorite PI is taking a flight back home to Neptune to help Logan find a lawyer for his case.

Some things never change for the So Cal town of Neptune. The cops are still dirty and the sheriff’s department is headed by the late Don Lamb’s older and more douchey brother Dan Lamb (Jerry O’Connell). Dick Casablancas (Ryan Hansen), Weevil Navarro (Francis Capra) Gia Goodman (Krysten Ritter) and even the horrible Madison Sinclair (Amanda Noret) are still living in their hometown as they are gearing up for their 10-year high school reunion. Veronica’s dad Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni) is still running Mars Investigations and, oh yea, there’s that thing of Logan being accused of murder again.

Thankfully though, Veronica’s bestie Wallace (Percy Daggs III) is a successful teacher and basketball coach at Neptune High, while her computer genius friend Mac (Tina Majorino) works at Kane Enterprises and is also flashing a new mature hairdo.

Every single actor seamlessly slips back into the characters we all know and love. Especially Bell and Colantoni, who have given us one of the most loved father-daughter relationships on television with their witty one-liners, which are both charming and hilarious.

Director and show creator Rob Thomas wrote a screenplay that is definitely considered a standalone movie, but leaves dozens of nuggets (or shall I say a trail of marshmallows) for us fans. Several characters from the show pop up throughout the film and there’s more than a few references from the show that I happily chuckled at. Thomas hasn’t lost his touch for his Heathers-like dialogue and Maltese Falcon film noir crime style. It’s clear that he has wanted this film for so long and that he and the cast gave it they’re all to please the fans.

The TV show was famous for having one major mystery that Veronica needed to solve each season, but also mini mysteries within each episode. In the movie, the Logan murder case is fun to watch as Veronica picks apart the pieces to the puzzle and although it’s the driving force to the movie, its secondary to the actual characters. It’s clear Rob Thomas knew that the priority for the fans were the actual characters and wanted to fill the void since 2007 when we last saw them.

This film is about Veronica growing as a person, figuring out what she wants to do with her life and discovering her true calling. Fans of the show didn’t get the resolution they needed at the end of season three and this film is the perfect addition to a very beloved story and hopefully it is the first of more films to come. And I’m thrilled to say that there is plenty of satisfying Veronica and Logan moments that are truly “epic.”

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