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‘Underworld Awakening’ Review: Fans of Franchise Will Be Pleased

The Underworld films are not made for critics, nor are they made for people who don’t understand the ‘vampire craze’, but if you love action films involving hundreds of guns, kicking some werewolf butt and Kate Beckinsale in a corset, then you’ve come to the right place.

This film was not screened for critics and for a $15 3D movie ticket price, I must say I was thoroughly entertained by Underworld Awakening.

British beauty Kate Beckinsale, star of the first two films, returns as Death Dealer Selene in this action packed, bullet-biting fourth installment to the Underworld franchise. When the humans discover the Vampires and Lycans (or werewolves) living among them, they hunt them down making sure none are left to the point of extinction. Meanwhile Selene has been held captive and been experimented on for 12 years, before a hybrid child breaks her free from her confinements.

The directors/writers deliver a simple story packed tightly in a 90-minute film. And while previous Underworld stars Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy do not return for Awakening, Beckinsale certainly does enough jumping around and shooting more guns than we can handle to keep us occupied with the film.

I was shockingly surprised at the 3D effects too! Since the film mainly consisted of battles, it was fun to view the picture in crystal clear 3D that actually contributed to the story! If you like throat ripping, gunshot splattering and everything in between, you’ll leave somewhat satisfied.

Where Awakening becomes drowsy, is its goofy sidekick characters, predictable plot lines and no romantic subplot. Hey, a girl’s gotta have her perks when watching a vampire movie, ya know?

It’s not great and it’s not nearly as entertaining as the original, but Awakening doesn’t completely suck to the point of repulsion. Fans of the series will appreciate the return of lead Death Dealer and its straightforward plot, while other moviegoers should enjoy a short and sweet film of action and fantasy bliss in 3D.

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