‘Ultrasonic’ Trailer: A Film Shot and Based in Our Nation’s Capital

Posted in Lauren's Blog by - April 16, 2012
‘Ultrasonic’ Trailer: A Film Shot and Based in Our Nation’s Capital

This film was recently brought to my attention by a fellow colleague in the DC area and after watching the trailer, I was completely blown away by the direction, talent and story.

Ultrasonic tells the story of Simon York, an aspiring musician who is married to wife Ruth, who is currently pregnant with their first child. Although Ruth is completely supportive of Simon’s dream, their financial problems have been putting a huge strain on their relationship.

When Simon begins to hear things, Ruth is convinced that it’s only caused by recent stress and doesn’t believe that what he’s going through is real. Jonas, Ruth’s brother and a quirky, young conspiracy theorist seems to be the only one to believe Simon and what he’s experiencing.

When Simon’s obsession turns into his reality, the question becomes, “Is this real or is it all in his mind?”

Ultrasonic was shot on nine consecutive weekends starting in February 2011 around Georgetown, Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights and Navy Yard. The cast was selected from over 100 auditions and consist of local DMV talent. The indie film was shot entirely by DC filmmakers and producers on a $20,000 budget.

Casey Calister of Garden Thieves Pictures has been distributing the film throughout the country and it’s set to release June 1, 2012 in select cities.

Here is the complete list of current upcoming screenings. This will be director Rohit Colin Rao’s first feature film.

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