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‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I’: A Vamp Wedding & Honest Depiction of Meyer’s Novel

Breaking Dawn Part I comes out on Blu-ray and DVD February 11. Here’s my full review of the film.

Breaking Dawn Part I Review: A vampire style wedding and an honest depiction of Meyer’s final book

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I is perhaps the most loyal installment in the film franchise to the beloved Stephenie Meyer novels.

A very visually descriptive wedding, honeymoon and birthing scenes dominate the film. For its PG-13 rating, director Bill Condon really worked in as much as he could to make it tasteful yet risque.

The wedding is what every Twi-hard has dreamed would look like. A woods setting, white flowers dangling from the trees, Edward in a black and white tux and an old-fashioned wedding dress that is sexy and refined, while a nervous Bella walks down the aisle clinging to her father’s arm.

The honeymoon scenes do not disappoint as both the sensual and quirky moments that make up Bella and Edward’s relationship truly come through. The modern mansion on a private and quiet island outside of Rio sets the ultimate honeymoon destination and was exactly what I pictured while reading the book.

A demolished bedroom the morning after, may seem like a little much to the average viewer, but hey, it’s still what Meyer wrote and we’re glad they decided to include it onscreen. Yes, the fact that Bella is preggers after one night of passion with Edward is completely crazy, but I liked watching it happen on screen better than reading about it in the book.

Jacob is a little lost in this film, which is disappointing. The fact that he doesn’t have as dominant a role as he should doesn’t make sense despite that he has a whole part devoted to him in the final book. While Taylor Lautner has some of the more cheesy lines in the film, he makes up his on-screen presence with looks and of course that smoldering stare. That’s right, I said it.

The birthing scene is gruesome and one that will probably leave several teenagers feeling a little queasy. If anything, it will act as some major birth control. Again, a little over the top but fans will be happy the director and screenwriter didn’t leave anything out at such a crucial moment in the story.

The final scene of the film will leave you breathless, as it’s a major sign of what’s to come in Part II and a hopeful promise that the final film will be an eventful close to the saga.

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