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‘This Means War’ Review: Could Be Your Perfect Date Night Movie…

…if you don’t take it seriously! If you don’t take the film’s message to heart and if single women everywhere realize that this is NOT how you find Mr. Right, This Means War is quite an enjoyable film for both men and women.

Before I get hate on how I am giving this film a positive review, I’d just like everyone to imagine how this film would be perceived if McG’s name was taken off the credits. McG, who directed the Charlie’s Angels films and Terminator Salvation isn’t the world’s greatest director, but he sure can make an upbeat, corny and fun action flick, which is just fine!

I’m a fan of action films and I love romantic comedies, so I had high hopes walking into this movie. It wasn’t the best mash-up of action and rom-com of all-time, but the three gorgeous stars have perfect on screen chemistry and the action scenes have the right mixture of entertainment and hilarity.

This Means War tells the story of two CIA agents who are also best friends, FDR (Chris Pine) and Tuck (Tom Hardy). Ladies man FDR has no interest in a serious relationship, while his buddy Tuck is looking for long-time love. Tuck enrolls in an online dating site, where he reaches out to Lauren (Reese Witherspoon) and she is immediately drawn to him.

On the flip side, Lauren meets FDR rather quickly after date one with Tuck and when FDR sees that she is too good to be true he immediately begins to pursue her. When the two studs realize they’ve both met the same girl, that’s when the complications arise. FDR and Tuck agree to stay out of each other’s way and have Lauren make the final decision, which of course, doesn’t happen.

Pine practically mirrors the arrogance and cockiness of Star Trek’s James Kirk and it suits him well, while Hardy couldn’t be more different from Tommy, the mixed martial arts fighter he played in Warrior. With both men pulling out all their fancy spy moves trying to win Lauren’s heart, its hard not to giggle as their plans unfold.

While the guys are trying to figure out Lauren, her married BFF Trish (scene stealer Chelsea Handler) persuades her to continue to date both men and enjoy it while it lasts, saying she’s “got to be flexible.”

Oh, there’s also some sort of spy/espionage subplot that comes and goes that was put in the film to characterize the two leading men. However it gets lost with all the dates, kisses and spying FDR and Tuck do on Lauren. Yes, these men are just hard at work!

Where War looses steam is what happens immediately after the climax, the decision the scriptwriters made just doesn’t flow with the overall picture and frankly, it makes the female protagonist look like an idiot. If War decided to take a more realistic approach on the complications of online dating and dating two people at once, it would’ve gained at least another half star from me.

Despite its corny dialogue, War doesn’t have the most predictable rom-com plot you would think. It’s definitely worth a matinee in the theatres or would make the perfect date movie on a Friday night. 3/5 Stars.

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