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‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ Review: Starring Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer & Alicia Vikander

Henry Cavil, Armie Hammer, Alicia Vikander, Elizabeth Debicki and Hugh Grant starring in the same film set in the 1960s and directed by Guy Ritchie sounds like a fun time to me – and it is, it really really is.

Based off of the TV show of the same name from the 1960s created by Sam Rolfe, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. focuses on two completely different special agents that must work together in order to take down a mysterious criminal organization that is developing nuclear weapons. CIA agent Napoleon Solo (Henry Cavill) is devishly handsome, charismatic and a little more laid back while his partner KGB operative Illya Kuryakin (Armie Hammer) is hardheaded and goes by the rules. Though both agents are determined to bring down the bad guys their backgrounds make them butt heads while trying to complete their mission.

When the beautiful and innocent Gaby Teller (Alicia Vikander) comes into the mix because she is involved with the men who are creating the bomb, Napoleon and Illaya must protect her as she assumes a new identity. The trio travel all around Europe in order to find the criminal organization and save the world.

man from uncle henry cavill

Henry Cavill is excellent here and he’s already proven his perfect American accent in Man of Steel, while Armie Hammer does well with his Russian accent while playing the more hardened spy. It’s fun to see the two actors bounce off each other and there is a particularly fun sequence with Hammer on a boat and Cavill watching from afar in a truck.

Alicia Vikander has always been an incredible actress, but 2015 seems to be her breakout year with roles in Ex Machina, Testament of Youth and now this film. Vikander looks like she could have been a model in the 60s sporting those bold colored dresses, hoop earrings and those round sunglasses that are to die for! For as small as she is in size, Vikander can hold her own her against Cavill, Hammer and Debicki, all of whom tower over her.


Guy Ritchie combines his quick edit style that he used so frequently in Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, while opening it up to swooping shots of the European scenery and close-ups of the characters’ faces. The costumes are completely reminiscent of the 1960s era and feel like a character all on their own and the cars are to die for! Any car enthusiast would appreciate the authenticity here.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. is a blend of a classic espionage thriller with subtle comedy led by a terrific cast. Guy Ritchie’s best movie since 2009’s Sherlock Holmes, this will be the first of many hopefully U.N.C.L.E. sequels to come.

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