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‘The LEGO Movie’ Review: Starring Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks and Will Ferrell

Directors Phil Lord (2012’s 21 Jump Street) and Christopher Miller put their unique comedic twist into this colorfully animated family film and the result is that its not only fun for kids, its enjoyable for adults too. And when it comes to animated films these days, having the whole family equally engaged is important for its success.

In this first-ever theatrical LEGO film, the story follows Emmett (voiced by Chris Pratt), an ordinary, happy-go-lucky follow-the-rules LEGO figure. After a strange occurrence at his construction site where he works, Emmett is identified as the most extraordinary person in the universe. With the help of Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks) and Dumbledore-like Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), Emmett goes on an exciting adventure to save the world from the menacing President Business (Will Ferrell).

I saw the film in 2D and loved how the colors popped. I’d save the few bucks on the 3D ticket and go for the 2D. With all the fast-paced action scenes happening, I’d imagine that the 3D effects would blur those parts together and I do feel like kids could care less about 3D anyway.

the lego movie batman

The voice performances are fantastic, especially from Elizabeth Banks and Will Ferrell, who really finds his groove again as the villain President Business. The film also features a few voice cameos from actors including Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Dave Franco, and Cobie Smulders among others.

The story is wonderful and the animation exceeded my expectations, but where The LEGO Movie faults is in the beginning when there is SO much going on, especially when Emmett first starts his adventure. It was confusing to pinpoint all the characters and tell exactly what was going on. Fortunately, by the second half of the film, the screenplay finds its balance and the film only gets better with each viewing minute.

The ending features a lovely and heartfelt surprise that shouldn’t dare be given away. But I will say it transforms everything I ever thought would come out of a LEGO movie. It’s a story that says everyone is important and has the ability to be creative, even if others might think you’re strange at first.

The LEGO Movie isn’t one to be missed this year and Lord and Miller have so much going on its impossible to see everything in the first viewing. This animated film is funny and original, entertaining from beginning to end and features a surprisingly profound message that you won’t soon forget.

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