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‘The Jungle Book’ Review: Starring Ben Kingsley, Bill Murray & Neel Sethi

What I Liked: Neel Sethi’s feature film premiere! This young actor is so great and the fact that he was primarily acting in a CGI environment makes it all the better. The entire cast is great, which each actor bringing a memorable performance to their animated animal. And for the five minutes or less that Scarlett Johansson is in the film as the enchanting snake Kaa, she reminds us all how ethereal and soothing her voice is. She is just as great in these five minutes as she was in the entirety of Spike Jonze’s Her. Also, the “Bare Necessities” scene between Mowgli and Baloo is so sweet and cute, my favorite part of the film.

What I Didn’t Like: The 3D was not stunning as everyone is saying it is, at least in the theatre I saw it at. I saw it at AMC Tysons Corner in their IMAX 3D theatre and though the picture does fill the full IMAX screen and the sound is excellent, the 3D appeared blurry and dark. I think seeing it in the AMC Prime theatre or standard 2D would have been the better movie.

How Many Times I Checked the Time: 0

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