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‘The Conjuring 2’ Review: Starring Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson & Frances O’Connor

Director James Wan’s The Conjuring is an intense and extremely well developed horror film that not only please horror fans, it raised the bar for the horror film genre as a whole. Now three years later, he released the sequel and the amazingly talented Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson have returned. The film is not only better than its predecessor; it earns every scare and wraps you into this world within the very first minutes. I screamed out loud three times. THREE TIMES!!

Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga), America’s favorite paranormal investigators are back and this time they travel to England to help a Peggy (Frances O’Connor), a single mother of four children. The family’s home is haunted by spirits who do not want to leave the house and when the spirit possesses one of Peggy’s daughters Janet (Madison Wolfe) and begins to talk through her, Ed and Lorraine attempt to make contact and tell the spirit to move on. But not all is as it seems in this case and the Warrens are torn in how to help.

The Conjuring 2 earns each and every scare throughout the film, no cheap jump scares here and that is one of the best things about the film! The young actress, who plays Janet, Madison Wolfe, is absolutely astonishing as the young girl who gets possessed by the spirit in the house. There is a particularly touching scene between her and Farmiga on the swing set outside and you don’t need to be possessed by a demon to feel the honesty and emotional depth of their conversation. Even though The Conjuring 2 is first and foremost a horror film, and an excellent one at that, it touches on so many other elements. Bullying, faith and the power of family and what it means to have a strong marriage.


If you were a fan of the first film or any of James Wan’s previous films (Saw and Insidious), you’ll enjoy this sequel. It was fun to revisit the characters of Ed and Lorraine Warren and make sure to stay through the initial end credits to hear the actual spooky tape that was recorded during this case.

What I Loved: The ending. Without giving much away, James Wan’s confidence in filmmaking and his decision to end on this note makes the film all the more better. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson’s chemistry is incredible and you especially see that in this sequel, which dives into their relationship as a married couple and their decision to marry one another. The young actress Madison Wolfe, amazing talent, who I hope to see more of!

What I Didn’t Like: This is pretty unfair to even write this but this film was so scary, I was literally shaking in my seat for two hours straight!! But hey, the film did its job! So I can’t complain too much!

How Many Times I Checked the Time: 0

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