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‘The Choice’ Review: Starring Benjamin Walker, Teresa Palmer & Tom Wilkinson

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and another Nicholas Sparks film is released. I always look forward to the Sparks film that comes out every year. Sure, nothing will ever top A Walk to Remember or The Notebook or even Nights in Rodanthe (I don’t care what you say, I love it!), but even in the worst of his films (The Best of Me or Safe Haven), there’s always a moment of two that I end up loving. His newest film adaptation The Choice is about love, loss but most importantly faith. Yes, there are some melodramatic moments, but it wouldn’t be a Sparks story if there weren’t. And honestly it doesn’t even matter because Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer are so damn charming together that is makes everything worth it.

Set in Wilmington, NC, southern playboy Travis (Benjamin Walker) is on and off with girlfriends and is enjoying the bachelor life with his dog in his house on the lake. That’s until Doctor-to-be Gabby (Teresa Palmer) moves in next door. At first the two continuously butt heads, even though there is a definitely a chemistry brewing. The only problem is that Gabby has a boyfriend (Tom Welling). But will that be enough to stop these two from admitting their true feelings for each other? Definitely not.

Benjamin Walker is a great actor. We just recently saw him in Ron Howard’s In the Heart of the Sea, which actually wasn’t that great as a film, but there’s no denying that the camera loves him. He’s stellar here as our leading man and I’ll have to admit his Southern draw bugged me a bit in the beginning but it does get more natural as the film goes on. His character arc goes from playboy to man in love and it’s actually believable. Teresa Palmer, who I wholeheartedly adore in Warm Bodies, is lovely here as the stubborn yet sweet Gabby. The Australian actress has always done a fab American accent and her chemistry with Walker is sexy and invigorating. It’s because of these two that make the film enjoyable.

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Without giving anything major away, there are a couple of over dramatic moments and a certain scene that is completely unrealistic, but even with all of that the film holds its own charm. The Choice does not have original about the plot, but there are strong scenes with meaningful dialogue about faith, which I absolutely loved. Particularly the scene where Walker and Palmer are having dinner together and then again when Walker is talking with his father (played by the lovely Tom Wilkinson).

The Choice is a sweet and adoring movie for fans of Nicholas Sparks and those who are looking for a good date movie around Valentine’s Day. However audiences who despise cheesy and predictable film plots won’t like it so much. Benjamin Walker needs to be starring in more films, while Teresa Palmer continues to impress in another lead role.

What I Liked: Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer’s chemistry, their sweet dogs and Tom Wilkinson.

What I Didn’t Like: Benjamin Walker’s accent at first and Maggie Grace’s atrocious wig.

How Many Times I Checked the Time: 0

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