‘The Artist’ Review: Sentimental, Timeless, an Instant Classic

Posted in Film, Reviews by - January 08, 2012
‘The Artist’ Review: Sentimental, Timeless, an Instant Classic

Movie tickets are expensive and when you’re on a budget, there’s nothing worse than leaving the theatre after spending $12 on a flop. There’s been few times this year where I’ve come out of the theatre and actually felt it was $12 worth spent. ‘The Artist’ is the best money I’ve spent in 2012 so far.

Surprising and sentimental, ‘The Artist’ focuses on silent film actor George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) at the height of his career in Hollywood 1927. George is a silent superstar and he and his well trained Jack Russell Terrier, who definitely has a strong, fun presence in the film, are basking in all glory they could’ve ever imagined. After one of his premieres, he bumps into (literally) aspiring actress Peppy Miller (Berenice Bejo) and in that moment she is introduced to the world of movies.

Peppy starts off as an extra and eventually works her way up to the top of the credits. And how could she not? She’s young, gorgeous and is the fresh face that the film business needs.

When film producer ¬†Al Zimmer (John Goodman) tells George that talkies (or talking pictures) are the future, George can’t deal, so he decides to produce a silent film of his own. The picture company takes on Peppy as the lead actress in talkies and it seems overnight that a new star is in town.

When George’s silent film flops and Peppy’s takes storm, its then that things go downhill for the once rich and famous movie star.

The talent of the two lead stars and their chemistry is enough to make this film enjoyable and worth watching again. But the way this film was shot is breathtaking and the original score is award worthy. ‘The Artist’ is everything a great film should be and one that others should look up to because of its charm and cinematography.

One of the most fun, entertaining and well-acted films of 2011, ‘The Artist’ will be an instant classic.



  • ricardo

    This is the only movie im looking forward to watching.Thanks for posting

    • 2) Have you seen A Prairie Home Companion yet? Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin could esliay, esliay pass as sisters.Will have to think about the rest of it.

  • ricardo

    Im going to see this movie tommorow. I think it should be great. All the reviews rave about it

    • Steve

      Regardless of the reviews, I just can’t pull myself to spend $ on a movie about silent films. I have seen one in my lifetime, and that was enough! Glad to hear the actors could still carry it, but I will pass on this one.

  • ricardo

    Amazing movie, and Steve if you sit and really watch any silent movie you will see they are truly amazing. And the actors are more like atheletes. I love it. The artist was an amazing movie, and definatly worth seeing.

    You will not be bored with non talkie stuff, the music in the background does more than enough to entertain. In a world where everything has to be in your face, with overdone special effects, this movie builds up the tension.

    I kept saying to myself …. hold it together man. It was quite a sad movie at times. We are seeing the decline of this massive tragic hero. Very beautifully done.

    In the end there is some talking, and when the talking starts it kind of does it for me. I dont like it, in my mind i built this voice and rep for the actors that i did not want them to talk. Like reading a book, and we fill in the blanks.

    • Great list until I saw Tarantino at #1, don’t know about that, TaeGukGi, Saving Private Ryan, etc. all dseerve a slot way higher than that. But, just my opinion, good job nonetheless.

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    • Yes! I did see it. So ytur! I tghhout their schtick presenting at the Oscars was brilliant it was like they mind-melded or something. I could have watched them present for another 25 minutes it was so entertaining.

    • eQ9vkI gclqnqnutkte

  • Thanks alot for such a great Article

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