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‘Skyfall’ Review: One of the Best Bonds Ever!

As “Skyfall” opens in theatres, we are reminded of the 50th anniversary of James Bond in film, the longest continually running film series.

“Skyfall” opens with James Bond (Daniel Craig) chasing a bad guy (Ola Rapace, Noomi’s brother), who has an important disc that contains every MI6 agents’ identity on it. Naturally, Bond is trying to retrieve it with the help of fellow MI6 agent, Eve (Naomie Harris) and with M’s (Judi Dench) guidance.

A bizarre man by the name of Mr. Silva (Javier Bardem), wants to seek revenge of MI6 and M, by using this disc to out the entire agency.

Director Sam Mendes’ “Skyfall” has everything Bond fans will love and more: the striking, mysterious girl (Berenice Marlohe), a young, clever Q (Ben Whishaw), a particular Bond luxury car, (which I won’t give away), fist punching, gun shooting, dynamite-filled scenes and a keen view into the life of Bond before he became 007.

“Skyfall” has one of the most unique and visually pleasing opening credit sequences out of all the Bond films. It also helps that we have the richly talented English songstress Adele singing the song she co-wrote with producer Paul Epworth. The song “Skyfall” is a story on its own and once you watch the film in its entirety, the song makes all the more sense.

If it were up to me, “Skyfall” would be nominated for Best Picture and Roger Deakins (“The Shawshank Redemption” & “No Country For Old Men”) nominated for Best Cinematography. Deakins gives us gorgeous views of Scotland and the fluidity of the action sequences should be noted. Not every cinematographer/director combo can film fight scenes and make them look both gorgeous and fun to watch. It’s easily one of the most beautiful Bond films

Speaking of the Oscar nominations, Javier Bardem needs to be up for Best Supporting Actor, no question. He plays one of the creepiest and quirky Bond villains in the franchise. There are moments when he was on screen where I was completely terrified of him, making him everything a Bond villain should be.

I know so many people fell in love with Daniel Craig in his first Bond film, “Casino Royale,” but “Skyfall” is easily his best Bond film, if not his best film ever. This story allows us to dive into Bond as a man more than any other Bond has given us. We’ve seen 22 films of Bond, the special agent, who has plenty of gadgets, cars and women, but “Skyfall” will please both 007 fans and new fans alike.

“Skyfall” is one of the best, most original Bond films to date and Daniel Craig proves that he still has the charisma, energy and sexy good looks 007 should have.

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