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‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ Review: Starring Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson & Taron Egerton

The best way to describe director Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman: The Secret Service is to say its an exciting spy film for the younger generation with the storyline of a James Bond film mixed with the violent but expertly choreographed action sequences of a Raid film. A fun film for lovers of the spy genre, violent action flicks and Colin Firth fans, Kingsman is the most fun to be had in a movie theatre so far this year.

Based on the comic book by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons, Kingsman: The Secret Service first introduces us to Harry Hart (Colin Firth), an intelligent and refined Englishman who also happens to be an agent in one of the most secret organizations in the world. Upon recruiting young talent for the organization, Harry crosses paths with Gary, aka Eggsy a rough and tough street kid with promising potential. Eggsy is tired of his destructive life in the projects and hopes to discover his destiny within the organization, but he has to compete with several others to win the spot as the new agent.

The Kingsmen have their hands full when a tech whiz named Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson), who also happens to be petrified of blood and violence, and his fierce blade-legged henchman Gazelle (Sofia Boutella) threaten to take over the world using cellular phones. It’s up to the Kingsmen to take him down and its gives Eggsy the opportunity to prove himself as a true spy.

kingsman colin firth

Colin Firth can do no wrong in my book. He’s been excellent in films since BBC’s Pride & Prejudice to 2003’s father-daughter love story What a Girl Wants and recently in last year’s The Railway Man. But we’ve never seen Firth in a role like this where he plays a badass secret service agent who can fight to the death with a bulletproof umbrella stun gun. Yes, that’s right, Firth’s still got it and he looks as good as ever!

The biggest surprise in Kingsman is delightful newcomer Taron Egerton as secret service hopeful Eggsy. Egerton gives enough attitude and stamina as our lead and he and Firth have a wonderful chemistry as teacher and student.

kingsman secret service

It’s obvious that Kingsman is playing fun of the typical stereotypes in spy action-thrillers, like the spy getting the girl at a moment’s notice, having a weapon always at the ready to get out of sticky situations, but sometimes the stereotypes get a little too silly and obvious. Though, one might suppose Matthew Vaughn knew exactly what he was doing.

Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman gives the spy genre a modern twist with a lot of heart and hilarity, while Colin Firth is a joy to watch as a secret service agent, Samuel L. Jackson is hilarious as our villain and newcomer Taron Egerton is one to watch among rising talent.

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