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‘Jurassic Park 3D’ Review: Spielberg’s Sci-Fi Thriller Remains a Masterpiece

There are only a few films that still hold up decades after their release date. Titanic was re-released into the theatres last year, celebrating its 15th anniversary in beautifully converted 3D, gracefully enhancing the story as it unfolds on screen. Films like Titanic, Jurassic Park and Terminator 2: Judgment Day are better than many films that are released today. The special effects in Jurassic Park are above several of the action-thrillers that were released in theatres in the past ten years.

Jurassic Park was released in June 1993 and now Universal Pictures is celebrating the movie’s 20th anniversary by re-releasing the film in 3D. As I am watching the classic thriller again on the big screen, I’m covering my eyes when the snotty lawyer is eaten by the T-Rex, gasping when little Timmy get electrocuted on the fence and laughing when Sam Neill nearly faints after seeing the dinosaurs for the first time. Having seen this film dozens of times, the suspense, the thrill and the comedy are all still there, proving that Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece is more glorious than ever.

Dinosaur experts Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) agree to preview millionaire John Hammond’s (Richard Attenborough) new amusement park on an island off of Costa Rica. When they arrive, they are amazed and shocked to see that John has created real dinosaurs by cloning them from DNA found in prehistoric insects. The island houses everything from brachiosaurs to triceratops, velociraptors and Tyrannosaur Rex.

Scientist Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) and lawyer Donald Gennaro (Martin Ferrero) along with John’s grandchildren Lex (Ariana Richards) and Tim (Jospeph Mazzello) are among the first group to experience the dinosaur tour in Jurassic Park. When a tropical storm hits, killing almost all of the power on the island, the dinosaurs escape from the confines of their electrical fences and hunt the humans.

Truth be told, the 3D is good and adds a touch of splendor, but seeing the film in the theatre again is what matters. Stereo D, the same company who converted the films Titanic and Marvel’s The Avengers, creates an excellent dimension in Jurassic Park. There are certain scenes where it feels like you are looking into the world and not at a movie screen. One of the most remarkable transitions is the most famous scene in the film where the T-Rex is chasing the jeep (“Objects in mirror are closer than they appear”).

Adding the 3D might make the film a tad more frightening, but you won’t get dinosaur jaws popping out at you or blood splattered on the screen in this conversion; its more about the depth of field in the scenes and creating an extra layer to the Jurassic Park world.

Seeing Jurassic Park in the theatres made me feel like a kid again and it takes a truly special film to make the audience relive the wonder and excitement you felt when watching it for the first time.

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