INTERVIEW: Toby Nunn, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class, on ‘Dolphin Tale’

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INTERVIEW: Toby Nunn, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class, on ‘Dolphin Tale’

Animals can create an impact in one’s life on a day-to-day basis. Whether you have a pet you consider family or one you frequently interact with as part of your job, animals do have souls, can inspire, love and help one cope with difficult situations. ‘Dolphin Tale’ tells the real life story of a special dolphin named Winter, who has touched the lives of all those around her.

Sawyer (Nathan Gamble) is an 11-year-old boy who feels disenchanted with the world after his father left years ago. He even cuts himself off from his mother, Lorraine (Ashley Judd) and rarely confides in his closest relative, his cousin, Kyle (Austin Stowell). When Kyle, who is also an all-star swimmer, is shipped off to serve overseas, Sawyer feels more alone then ever. Sawyer comes across a beached dolphin, whose tail has been severely injured by a crab pot and appears to be in bad shape overall. The Clearwater Marine Hospital team shows up and takes the dolphin, later named Winter, under their wing and care for her. After days of analysis, Dr. Clay Haskett (Harry Connick, Jr.), a local marine biologist decides that in order for Winter to even have a chance of survival, her tail needs to be amputated. How is a dolphin to live if they don’t have a tail to swim? That’s the ultimate question the film rides on and the audience is taken through the journey of Winter’s hardships and triumphs.

I had the privilege of talking with Toby Nunn, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class, who spent a total of seven and a half years overseas and who also met the real life Winter in Clearwater, Florida. I asked Nunn what his initial reaction was when asked to meet Winter. He said, “When I was asked to come out to Florida to check it out, the idea of having an Iraqi veteran going to meet a dolphin was foreign to me. It was the most ridiculous request, but I was intrigued. It ended up being the best experience I’ve had in a long time.”

Nunn took a liking to Winter immediately and began to see what sparked people to travel far to visit the Clearwater Marine Center. There is a touching scene in the movie where Kyle comes back from overseas, injured with a leg brace, and he bends down on the platform to meet Winter. Nunn said it was the same platform and place where he met Winter for the first time and the scene was reminiscent to his experience. “It may sound cheesy, but I could be in a crowd with 50 people and they wouldn’t get where and what I’ve been through, but Winter got it. It’s a strange fellowship, the dolphin understands and realizes what she accomplished.”

I asked Nunn if he felt the story on film was true to Winter’s actual story. He said, “They absolutely nailed it. It’s actually going to make an impact in a very positive manner. To see the happiness Winter brings to the handicapped children is amazing and to see Winter play herself in the movie was phenomenal.”

Nunn was extremely impressed with the cast especially with Harry Connick, Jr. and Austin Stowell. “The ambience Harry Connick, Jr. brought to the set and the way he connected with the two young actors was remarkable. He set the tone for the film. The way Austin Stowell carried his role, as a war veteran was impressive. The military is a very proud community and it’s brutally honest. It takes a lot of courage to play someone in that capacity. Stowell was serious with the role and I hope people realize that the military community supports him.”

Nunn is Executive Director of Soldiers’ Angels, a national non-profit whose primary mission is to provide help and comfort to the service member and the family. Soldiers’  Angels teamed with some of the cast and crew of ‘Dolphin Tale’ and held a private screening for veterans and their families in San Antonio, TX, where the largest wounded warrior facility Brooke Army Medical Center is located. Nunn said, “We know it happens with every man and woman in America who go out to serve and they come back different. Winter’s story will help veterans and families cope with the transition.”

An endearing and empowering story, ‘Dolphin Tale’ will not only pull at heartstrings, it presents a wonderful message: One can overcome anything.


  • Tips on how to Paint Your current Collectible figurines For Warhammer

    Art work Warhammer numbers is often a gratifying passion along with remarkably simple to find good effects. Online games Course and Citadel Miniatures style the products along with strong relief and exaggerated features to create artwork these people simpler as well as raise the crisis of the complete miniature. This simple document covers the basic principles of this activity. Once you’ve mastered these types of fundamentals, you can create incredibly colored armies that will search great since they arrived at grips against your own enemies on the gaming kitchen table.

    Right after putting together your models, the first step is actually priming. Priming is important. A superb primer is designed to abide by plastic-type material as well as metal, in contrast to one other paints you can use, looked after provides an much easier surface area in order to coloring. Priming will always make your versions seem better along with make their particular color tasks considerably more tough while you enjoy with him or her video game right after video game. You will find not many criteria the following. Should you be piece of art some sort of mostly dark hued little, you possibly can primer the particular style african american. This has the actual extra advantage of earning every one of the recesses along with challenging to obtain places darkish likewise so that they will not stick out for the concluded model. For anyone who is portray a new primarily lighting hued style one along with very vibrant reds in addition to yellows, for instance chances are you’ll consider priming the actual product white-colored or possibly tan. This is usually a extra work, in this you need to ensure for you to coloring all the recesses effectively as well as this bright will certainly present by way of very well. Lastly, you can elect to excellent your current model with their starting shades just before set up material in hands, thighs and heads, precious metal on weaponry, your own main coloration on the rest.

    Spraying the primer should be performed inside a nicely ventilated spot on room temp. Outside is usually suitable. Look at donning dust hide or respirator. Move the may regarding primer wonderfully, as well as employ using the guidelines for the can easily. Typically, this calls for spraying simply speaking, quick cerebral vascular accidents in relation to 8 inches wide through the model.

    Following the primer dries, you can paint your current results. This really only takes a few colours to generate many reasonable outcomes. A lot of Warhammer tourneys require you to paint ones designs to be able to no less than the a few colour normal that means this products need to have at the least three colours. There are lots of methods to portray versions. This post can have an exceptionally standard technique.

    Although very “old school”, this kind of conventional effect offers continually superb results. This consists of about three steps basic layer (or even hindering in), mid-tones, and also shows. The idea driving this method should be to layer on properly happier tones to offer higher interesting depth on your design also to allow it to become seem obviously lighted. Each and every part of the design will probably be colored with matched tones regarding slowly lighter shade for good permutations regarding Citadel paints, notice Game titles Workshop’s How to Fresh paint Citadel Miniatures, web site ninety six.

    Very first stage, employ your own bottom colorings to all locations. If your arms wring as well as you might have troubles staying well put together, never get worried. You’ll successfully have the ability to conceal any run-a-way remember to brush grades when you move. If you applied dark-colored or perhaps a darkish primer, seek to allow primer indicate through within the biggest recesses; in case you employed white or maybe light primer, an individual just about must coloring the complete model. Many applications najlepsze gry na przeglądarkę online involving slender paint will continue to work better than an individual coat immediately outside the colour cooking pot. Let these kind of dried up, then “wash” any dark develop (such as Badab dark-colored) on the entire model. A wash is usually watered straight down so that the coloring streams extremely slender, using coloring pooling to the recesses and retracts from the design. If sought after, several color manufacturers present pre-mixed washes. This may take some time to help dried out.

    Your second action is usually to utilize the actual mid-tones. An important factor suggestions you choose the starting layer whilst your rinse to show via inside the recesses and folds up you’re merely gonna fresh paint a lot more open parts of the particular model. There is a pair of strategies dried combing along with above combing. Dried up brushing will involve receive paint on your own clean, cleaning the item in opposition to some sort of hand towel till dry out ample you just color the highest parts. After that simply just airborne dirt and dust the item on the particular style. This can supply excellent final results, nevertheless it may patiently along with practice. In case you are now living in the dry climate, that is probably not functional (the particular color dries too rapid). You can even merely thoroughly layer the particular coloring onto the particular excessive details in the product immediately. It is referred to as in excess of brushing. Above cleaning is quicker, nevertheless will look sloppier as compared to dried up cleaning. Whenever carried out, bathe once again, nevertheless some thing a lttle bit lighter including Devlan Dirt.

    While dry out, you’ll be able to implement the last artwork step highlighting. You have your lightest tones for you to highlight abdominal muscles perimeters along with points of your respective model’s particulars. You can use this dried up brushing way of this specific, or merely the particular advantage of this paint remember to brush. Next dries, you should coloring the particular design using clearcoat shiny varnish that can help guard it in fact, the idea had taken hard work to help paint the particular design so you would like the actual paint career to be able to last a long time.

    You will discover variations. When i you intend to function more speedily you can stop inside the model and then dip these individuals throughout Internet marketer Plumber Rapid Color. This particular is perfect for huge armies. The outcomes are going to be beneficial. Actually you can even do a layer regarding highlighting just before dipping to help increase additional interesting depth on the type. If you’d like much more fine detail, that you can do more tiers (rather than the 3 shown the following). The best method is always to really combination the paints for the style. This can be a extremely state-of-the-art technique.

    Provide portray your current versions an attempt even a not very good coloring work can look good via several feet aside within the activity desk! Your decorated models will make actively playing Warhammer additional fulfilling

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