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INTERVIEW: Cast, Writer and Director of ‘For A Good Time, Call…’

“For A Good Time, Call…” is the perfect “girlfriend movie” and a fantastic example of how a female-led cast does raunchy! I had the pleasure of sitting down with the two lead actresses, writer and director of the film: Ari Graynor, Lauren Miller, Katie Anne Naylon and Jamie Travis.

As I walk in to the interview suite of the Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown, Miller, who co-wrote the screenplay with Naylon, perks up, extends her hand and compliments me on my dress. Graynor introduces herself with a smile and helps herself to some tea, while Travis and Naylon shake my hand with a smile.

DC Film Girl: Congratulations on the movie! I love a fun, R-rated comedy and especially since this one is female-led, it makes it that much more amazing and you guys did a great job carrying the film.
Graynor & Miller: Thank you!
DC Film Girl: If you guys could give a classic PG comedy and R-rating, something like “The Goonies” or “The Sandlot,” what movie would that be and why?
Miller: Oo, I love this question!
Graynor: That’s a really good question.
Miller: I would love to see a dirty “Little Mermaid” because Ariel was so hot!
Graynor: That’s true for all the Disney movies, if you made them all R-rated!
Miller: It would be a totally different magic carpet ride.
Travis: I would think “Annie.” Remember Daddy Warbucks? And when they are singing it’s a hard-knock life!
(Graynor, Miller, Naylon laugh)
Miller: Oh my God, instead of a orphanage, it’s a whorehouse! And Mrs. Hannigan is the madam!

DC Film Girl: There are so many crazy phone sex conversations in the movie that are hysterical, but what would a PG-phone sex conversation sound like?
Naylon: Lauren, what does it sounds like when you talk to people?
Miller: Ahhh, funny!
Graynor: It would be like a high pitched fast talking voice
Miller: I think the fun thing with phone sex, like we do in the movie, is it doesn’t have to be just grunting or talking about specific body parts.
Naylon: A lot of it is where you are right now and creating this world where the two people are.
Graynor: There’s a bunch of different ways of looking at it and where you literally say anything in a sexy voice, it just sounds suexual.
DC Film Girl: Like the Kitty & Katty voice?
Graynor: Exactly!

DC Film Girl: Katie and Lauren, when you’re writing these characters, especially a character you’re playing, do you ever write aspects of yourself into the character to make it easier to play?
Naylon: Yea, they were totally us.
Miller: Yea, they were totally us and we did the writer trick of “write what you know,” so these are exaggerations of us. We were a random roommate match and had a dynamic. She’s the fun outgoing one and I’m more the serious one.
Naylon: That’s not true anymore, now you’re cool!
Miller: (smiles) Thank you!
Naylon: Out in the world there are “Laurens” and there are “Katies” and we found that girls love seeing the movie.
Travis: And I don’t even know if everyone is a “Lauren” or a “Katie,” everyone is kind of misunderstood in this world and the thing that Lauren and Katie represent is how they appear on the outside and how they appear in the movie and it’s actually very different than who they actually are.

DC Film Girl: (to Katie and Lauren) That’s awesome that you two were a random roommate match! I love the scene in the movie where Lauren discovers that Katie is part of a phone sex line, what is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen a roommate do?
Travis: Oh…can a roommate include my mother? (Laughs)
Miller: I had a roommate, freshman year in college and she did a number of things that were frustrating, but the straw that broke the camel’s back is I had an art history final in the morning, she went out, came home at 5 am in the morning and brought a guy home. I woke up to (kissing noises).
(Naylon, Graynor, Travis all groan and laugh) 

Two weeks after the interview, Kevin McCarthy of interviewed Ari Graynor and Lauren Miller in Los Angeles and Lauren remembered me, I was so surprised! Check out the video below.

“For A Good Time, Call…” is smartly written, emotional and laugh-out-loud funny. The film opens in select cities today and expands September 7. The film receives 4/5 stars.


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