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‘Hugo’ Review: A Delightful Story With Visually Breathtaking 3D

I can definitely see why all-star director Martin Scorsese made this film. “Hugo” is a beautiful, cinematic gift that we can all take to heart and cherish as many movies are not made as carefully.

It looks like the HFPA agrees with me as “Hugo” is nominated for Best Director, Best Picture-Drama and Best Original Score for this year’s Golden Globes. Hence, why I just had to see this film!

As a hardcore cinephile, I enjoyed this film very much since it had mystery mixed with a little film history all avid movie fans can appreciate.

This is one film in recent history that I can recall 3D being used properly in order to tell the story! Not just certain scenes were shot in 3D, but the entire movie and Scorsese handled it beautifully. I was amazed with the color, clarity and visually breathtaking shots of this picture.

Based on the New York Times bestseller, “The Invention of Hugo Cabret”, the film centers on a young boy who is trying to unlock a secret, that was left to him by his dear father. Hugo is played marvelously by up and coming actor, Asa Butterfield. It takes a great deal of skill for a child actor to come off as impressive and Butterfield easily takes the cake as one of 2011’s greatest performances. His ability to go up and down throughout the film is a challenge and I hope to see more from this young star.

I went into this movie not really knowing about the story at all, which is why I don’t want to give much of the plot away. If you decide to see it in the theatre, (and hopefully it will be out a bit longer with award show season), you won’t be disappointed in the talent of the actors, plot or 3D effects.

“Hugo” is one to see in the theatre and though it is a bit long, its money and time well spent with your kids, friends or significant other.


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