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‘Haywire’ Review: Gina Carano is Amazing!

Move over Angelina and Umu, Gina Carano is here and she’s about to kick some serious butt in the action movie industry. Let me just say, I love a great kick-ass girl flick. Some of the best include Kill Bill Vol. 1, Salt, Hanna and even the cheesy Charlie’s Angels flicks and the Underworld movies are fun too.

Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Haywire’ is up to par with the best of the best girl action films and that’s because of mixed martial arts fighter turned actress Gina Carano.

In Carano’s acting debut, she plays Mallory Kane, a crucial part to a fuzzy private sector agency run by nerdy Kenneth (Ewan McGregor). When a job rescuing a kidnapped journalist in Barcelona goes wrong, Mallory must figure out who’s on her side and who she’s running from.

In a flashback, we see how everything relates to a setup in Dublin and why a suspicious client Paul (the delicious Michael Fassbender) is involved to play her fake husband and why Mallory gets the heck out of dodge and runs to her dad (Bill Paxton) living in Santa Fe. She no longer has a connection to her boss Kenneth or fellow agent Aaron (Channing Tatum), who she had a brief romantic encounter with.

Carano is comfortable on screen and she’s capable of unbelievable stunts and non-stop action sequences, which Soderbergh certainly showcases.

Soderbergh’s direction of the film is brilliant. The way the cameras move with Carano as she’s running through the alleyways and the choice not to use music in the background of certain action scenes emphasize the talent of the actors involved and cause real tension.

Whether she’s in a cocktail dress or covered in military face paint, Carano leaves us wanting more and maybe that’s just the point she’s trying to make.

‘Haywire’ is a super fun time at the theatre, proving that Soderbergh’s still got it and that Gina Carano can rock the screen.

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