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‘Frozen’ Review: Disney’s Back With A Magical Musical This Holiday Season

Walt Disney Picture’s 53rd animated feature film is classic Disney wrapped up in an icy blue and white gift box just in time for the holidays. The musical numbers are memorable and spectacular, the characters are amazingly likable and the message of the film isn’t the predictable one you might expect.

Although it’s not my favorite title, Frozen takes guidance from Disney’s animated roots and mixes it with modern-day themes so that it’s appealing to audiences of all ages. The colors are vibrant, the 3D is bright and fun and the voice talent is out of the world good. I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack either!

In the beautiful kingdom of Arendelle, royal sisters Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel) were attached at the hip as children until Elsa’s mysterious antarctic powers put little Anna in danger. Fearful that another incident will happen again, their parents force Elsa to hide her magics and have Anna’s memory erased of the incident and her knowledge of Elsa’s powers.

disney frozen

Elsa keeps to herself by locking herself in her bedroom, never coming out to play or socialize with Anna again. But when their parents die in an accident at sea, the distant siblings rekindle their relationship, only in the slightest. When Elsa becomes of age to rule the kingdom, an event causes her to lose her temper during the coronation ceremony, which leaves Arendelle in an icy winter wonderland. The light-hearted and optimistic Anna insists on the help of mountain man Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and his trusted reindeer Sven to brave the cold forest to search for Elsa so she can restore summertime to Arendelle.

Director Chris Buck (2007’s Surf’s Up) and director and screenwriter Jennifer Lee (who wrote last year’s adorable Wreck-It Ralph) created a lovable animated film that is up to par with Disney Pixar’s Monsters University, which came out earlier this year. Featuring beautiful and catchy duets with Kristen Bell, who has the ultimate Disney Princess voice and Idina Menzel, who is known for her portrayal of the wicked witch Elphaba in the Broadway musical “Wicked,” the Frozen soundtrack is one that generations will play over and over again.

frozen olaf snowman

Scene-stealer Josh Gad, who voices the quirky and goofy snowman Olaf, will be a favorite for the kids. His solo, “In Summer” features a dream sequence of the happy snowman enjoying the summer air and the beach, completely unaware of what happens to snow in the summertime.

Frozen takes from vintage Disney and classic fairy tales, but it’s certainly not outdated and breathes new life into animation. I already can’t wait to add the colorful tale to my ever-growing Disney Blu-ray collection!

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