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‘Finding Dory’ Review: Starring Ellen DeGeneres, Ed O’Neill & Albert Brooks

Everyone’s favorite blue tang is back! Dory (voiced by Ellen Degeneres) is now living in the reef with Marlin (Albert Brooks) and Nemo (Hayden Rolence). Dory suffers from short-term memory loss and constantly needs to be reminded about pretty much everything. But one day when Dory is swimming around the reef she is reminded of something from her childhood and remembers that she has parents somewhere! Determined to figure out where she came from and to find her parents, Dory plans her journey to find her family, well as best as she can plan anyway. Thankfully Marlin and Nemo are there to help her, but we all know when Dory gets sidetracked that things can go amuck!

Ellen DeGeneres is what makes Dory a memorable character, and a character certainly worthy enough of her own film. Even 13 years later after Finding Nemo was released, fans have eagerly awaited any time of sequel to reunite with some of our favorite animated characters from Pixar history. Finding Dory is an animated film for both kids and adults and has jokes that will play nicely for the kids and ones that will entertain the adults. A perfect family friendly film that teaches us the importance of family, but even how the best of friends can act as close family, too.

The climax of the film is so beautiful, sweet and funny, that it may even make the hardest of filmgoers shed a tear. Ed O’Neill as Hank, the arrogant octopus who is determined to get on the next shipment out to the Cleveland aquarium because he’s so frightened to go back in the actual ocean, is hilarious! Hank is a nice addition to the Finding Nemo family and Kaitlin Olsen as the near-sighted shark Destiny is just as adorable and charming.

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Finding Dory is that rare sequel that lives up to its predecessor and will become an instant animation classic for new fans and for fans that adored Finding Nemo.

Fan Notes: See the film in 2D and stay all the way through the very end of the credits for some cameos of some favorite characters from Finding Nemo!

What I Loved: Ellen DeGeneres!! I know she is super busy with her show obviously, but she is such a great voice actress that I would love to see her in more movies! The animation is stunning and I loved watching all of the colors in the film. Another reason to see the film in 2D, as 3D tends to darken the film in a normal auditorium!

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