Battle for the Best Actress Oscar

Posted in Lauren's Blog by - February 07, 2012
Battle for the Best Actress Oscar

Rooney Mara got tattoed, Michelle Williams went platinum, Meryl Streep put on a British accent and Viola Davis went southern.

It’s been a splendid year for actresses in motion pictures and the Academy Awards are almost here. Let’s state the case for each actress that could potentially win this year’s Best Actress Oscar.

1. Michelle Williams- The once “Dawson’s Creek” actress went platinum, pale and got a beauty mark for the most famous female icon of all time, Marilyn Monroe. Not only did she look the part, Williams captured the essence and despair of the beautiful starlet. “My Week with Marilyn” could be classified as a drama, as it show the depths of Monroe’s insecurities and vulnerability, however the HFPA classified the film as a “Comedy or Musical.” Either way, Williams played her part perfectly and it’s impossible to take your eyes off Williams just as it was when Monroe was on screen.

2. Rooney Mara- The young actress may be considered a trust fund baby from football royalty, but Mara’s willingness to let herself go and transform into the character of Lisbeth Salandar from of the beloved book “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is something to be valued. There’s stress of topping the brilliant performance by Noomi Rapace in the original Swedish version of “Girl” and the intense, graphic, violent scenes the actress had to play. She may not have gotten the actual tattoos, but Mara endured several piercings, dyed her hair jet black and bleached her eyebrows to look like Salander. Talk about dedication.

3. Viola Davis- Davis is an all-star and has proved to be an actress among actresses in several films including Doubt, “State of Play” and “Eat Pray Love.” It wasn’t until this year’s “The Help” that this fine actress got her chance to shine. Her portrayal of Aibileen, the film’s narrator and star was powerful enough to carry the two hour and 17 min film alone. Will her efforts garner herself an Oscar nominations? I’m not sure, but I’m rooting for her to get recognized.

4. Meryl Streep- You either love her or you hate her, but my guess is most people love this amazing actress. I haven’t been disappointed with any of her performances and some of my favorites include recent films “The Devil Wears Prada” and “It’s Complicated.” It’s her most recent performance as the first and only British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher that’s got the Oscar buzz moving. I have not yet seen the film, but from what I hear, the film isn’t that much without the talent of Streep, which leads me to believe that she can save any picture.

5. Glenn Close- The five-time Academy Award nominated actress comes back in the starring role as the title character in “Albert Nobbs,” a woman forced to live as a man in 19th Century Ireland. The fact that she’s already been nominated five times may garner who a win, but otherwise I heard the film was pretty blah.

Academy’s Pick: Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady My Pick: Michelle Williams in My Week with Marilyn for her stunning transformation into Ms. Monroe! 


  • Toni

    As transformative as Michelle Wiiliams is as Marilyn, she is too thin to be Matilyn’s physical match, especially in the arms. It’s a gimme for Streep’s powerful performance; but Rooney Mara is my pick. The Academy does reward the edgy female role occasionally.

  • Ashleigh

    Rooney Mara all the way!

  • Roomney mara is getting it. 100%

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    • Bravo les filles pour cette energie Corentin est un copain de mon fils Thomas, ce garcon a une peche d’enfer Je vous dis felicitations A bientotBisous

  • Thanks for reading guys! I would love to see Williams, Davis or Mara get it. But I was just captivated with Williams’ performance overall. However, I think Streep has it in the bag.

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