‘American Reunion’ Review: We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 1999!

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‘American Reunion’ Review: We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 1999!

Note: I screened this film earlier in the week and the theatre I viewed it at was having MAJOR technical difficulties with their speakers. So the version of American Reunion I viewed, didn’t include the FULL soundtrack or score to the film. Which begs me to emphasize just how important MUSIC is when telling the story and experiencing the motion picture fully!




Here is a video just to show how crucial the music is in telling a story on film. We all know the classic horror film, The Shining, right? What if Stephen King’s fascinating, creepy thriller turned into a happy-go-lucky family film?:

Crazy, isn’t it? Apparently American Reunion is supposed to have one of he best ’90s soundtracks we’ve ever heard! And growing up in the ’90s, I was really looking forward to hearing some of my high school favorites playing in the background, but unfortunately the theatre speakers weren’t on my side that night.


The original raunchy and  hilarious American Pie was released in 1999 and not only did it spark a new generation of the teen movie classics, it showed us just how disgusting teens can be!

Who can forget Jim, Michelle, Stifler, Oz, Kevin, Finch, Heather, Vicky, the Shermantor, Jim’s Dad and Stifler’s Mom? Thirteen years later, the gang’s all back in East Great Falls for their high school reunion. In the span of one long weekend, we come to find who is still together, who hasn’t changed and what Jim’s Dad and Stifler’s mom have been up to all these years…, which is not all that much.

Jim (Jason Biggs) and band girl Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) are now married with a kid, Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) and Vicky (Tara Reid) broke up, Oz (Chris Klein) and Heather (Mena Suvari) didn’t keep in touch, Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) is still obsessed with Stifler’s Mom (Jennifer Coolige) and Jim’s Dad (Eugene Levy) is trying to move on. Oh and Stifler (Sean William Scott) is still, well… Stifler.

Jim and Michelle stay at his Dad’s house for the weekend and come to find, the girl Jim used to babysit for, Kara (Ali Cobrin) is all grown up and all sexed up. Does anyone sense a predicament later in the film? Stifler is still stuck in his high school days, crude mouth and all, while Oz is a sports anchor, Kevin is a “housewife” and Finch is exploring the world. Can these high school buddies still manage to pull off a party like it’s 1999? I should say so.

Even without the score and soundtrack playing in the background, the acting and the dialogue is just brilliant and hysterical! Stifler has a huge character arc, which I just found fascinating to watch. And there are definitely a few jokes that took 13 years in the making to complete, if you are a fan of the Pie films, you won’t be disappointed! I found myself emotionally connecting to the characters and caring for them still after all these years.

American Reunion doesn’t surpass its original, but fans of the franchise will feel a touch of nostalgia and experience high school bromance all over again in this fun comedy. And if you go see it in theatres this weekend, buy me an extra tickets since I need to see it again!

Kevin McCarthy of CBS Radio and Fox 5 interviews the cast in a very UNCENSORED edition here:

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