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‘After Earth’ Review: Shyamalan’s Newest Film Is A Let Down

Who would’ve thought that director and screenwriter M. Night Shyamalan would eventually become a laughing stock? The director who made films like The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable then made films like The Happening, The Last Airbender and now After Earth.

After Earth isn’t completely terrible, but it’s more terrible than it is good or enjoyable. The one redeemable quality of the film is the performance of young Jaden Smith, who is certain to have an acclaimed career in acting with performances like this one. It’s been 7 years since father and son Will and Jaden Smith have been on screen together (2006’s The Pursuit of Happyness) and I was really hoping for an incredible reunion on the big screen since the two are so good together!

The planet Earth was evacuated 1,000 years prior and everything has evolved to kill humans. Young space ranger Kitai (Jaden Smith) and his cold military dad Cypher (Will Smith) crash land on Earth. Cypher is injured very badly and it’s up to Kitai to retrieve the rescue beacon located on the tail end of the ship, which broke off in the crash and is hundreds of miles away.

1108146 - After Earth

There’s ton of plot holes in After Earth, the visuals are limited and dull and for a summer movie that could have been a blockbuster, its just another Shyamalan let down. For a science-fiction thriller, I really expected the visuals to pop and add to the story, but overall it looked like a TV movie. And the similarities to Star Trek just don’t help at all.

Although After Earth isn’t the Shyamalan comeback we hoped for, the film clearly belongs to Jaden Smith. In fact, his performance as young Kitai is what lifts the dull screenplay into a semi-watchable movie. The best scene in the film is the climatic scene involving Kitai and the alien. J. Smith’s character arc is incredible and as the audience we root for him from the beginning to succeed.


It’s pretty clear that Will Smith stepped back and let his son take over and be the true star of the film, but I really wanted more from his character. W. Smith’s character isn’t a likable one from the start and I kept hoping he was going to achieve a character arc somewhere in the film, but he never did. I understand why his performance was so one-note, but it doesn’t make for an entertaining film.

If you are a Shyamalan fan, like I am, After Earth will be a huge disappointment and if you’re a science-fiction space-adventure fan, I would just wait for the Blu-ray rental. The film might actually look better on an HD TV than in a dark movie theatre.

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