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‘Everest’ Review: Starring Jason Clarke, Jake Gyllenhaal & Josh Brolin

Posted on February 27th, 2019 by admin@dcfilmgirl

In March 1996, a group of climbers, led by expert mountain guide Rob Hall (Jason Clarke), began their 40-day journey to climb to the top of Mt. Everest in Nepal. This is Rob’s fifth Everest summit, while the other experienced climbers include Doug Hansen, a man who is working three jobs to get by; Jon […]

‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’ Review: Starring Josh Brolin, Eva Green & Mickey Rourke

Posted on February 27th, 2019 by admin@dcfilmgirl

Besides an incredible cast coming together for a Robert Rodriguez movie, the best qualities of the Sin City films are the striking visuals and the film noir background that completely make over the film. The Sin City films perfectly encapsulate the feel of the graphic novel and blend it into the beauty of green screen […]

‘Sicario’ Review: Starring Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro & Josh Brolin

Posted on February 27th, 2019 by admin@dcfilmgirl

Denis Villeneuve is becoming one of the best directors working today and one of my personal favorites. With last year’s Enemy, a memorizing doppelgänger story led by an excellent performance by Jake Gyllenhaal and 2013’s Prisoners, a story about a man played by Hugh Jackman who would do anything to get his daughter back and […]

‘Gangster Squad’ Review: Brolin, Gosling, Penn Are Excellent

Posted on February 28th, 2019 by admin@dcfilmgirl

The time: 1949. The place: Los Angeles. The mean machine gangster: Mickey Cohen. Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) is a Brooklyn born mob boss, who runs the town of Los Angeles. He controls the guns, drugs, prostitutes and several policeman and politicians whom he’s paid off. However, he doesn’t intimidate Sergeant John O’Mara (Josh Brolin), who […]

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