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‘Act of Valor’ Review: Surprisingly Heartfelt and Action Packed!

It really saddens me that the majority of film critics slammed this film. There is absolutely nothing wrong with real-life Navy SEALs playing Navy SEALS in a full length feature film. In fact, that’s why I enjoyed the movie! Their real wives and children were also in the film, which made it even more heartfelt and intriguing.

Act of Valor may not have the most unique plot, but the direction of the movie is incredible. This film has some of the most unique camera shots I have ever seen and it makes you feel you are right there in the action! The two directors Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh are former stuntmen, which really added to the film because they aren’t afraid of insane action sequences and taking risks. If the point of the film was to shoot it as realistically as possible, these two nailed it.

In certain scenes, the directors put cameras on the actors’ helmets, giving us an exclusive view of the soldier’s perspective before they are about to take out another bad guy. Genius camera work!

I read multiple reviews about how horrible the acting is, but really I wasn’t bothered by it that much. The action scenes are enough to hold the film together, whether the SEALs are sniping the bad guys, jumping out of planes or blowing up jungle compounds, I was really impressed with the overall action quality.

When it comes to the ‘acting,’ the one thing that distracted me was the use of the real actors (like Roselyn Sanchez and Emilio Rivera) mixed in with the Navy SEALs, because you could tell who had been in movies before and who hadn’t. It takes you out of the moment, but just for a little bit.

The plot also isn’t that great, which mainly involves terrorists trying to sneak in suicide bombers into the U.S. It’s hard to focus on the actual story with all of the gritty scenes revolving around it.

I have nothing but respect for those who put their lives at risk in order to serve our country and I think Act of Valor is a film that we should treasure for showing us just a little bit of what the military must face while on duty. We shouldn’t fault the directors, actors and crew for showing us that.

Act of Valor is a rare glimpse into the life of a Navy Seal and is a film that everyone in America should watch at least once.

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