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’10 Years’ Review: A Realistic Look On Post-High School Life

“10 Years” is the type of movie that drops you right into the world of the characters, without any background information. Not only do I love learning about the characters from what takes place in the scenes to come, it’s extremely hard to compile a script of 10+ characters and introduce them to the audience this way.

Jamie Linden (screenwriter of “Dear John”), makes his directorial debut, while buddy Channing Tatum produces. Linden composes one of the best scripts of the “high school genre” I’ve seen in recent years. Yes, “10 Years” is about a group of friends who are attending their 10 year reunion, so they obviously aren’t in high school anymore. But make no mistake, it is reminiscent to some of the high-school genre classics like “Can’t Hardly Wait,” “10 Things I Hate About You,” and “The Girl Next Door,” which is a very good thing.

A group of late-twenty-somethings gather in small-town America for their 10 year high school reunion. We have Jake, the jock (Channing Tatum), Jess, his now girlfriend (and real-life wifey Jenna Dewan-Tatum), and Mary, the girl Jake used to date in high school (Rosario Dawson). We have the two best friends Marty (Justin Long) and A.J. (Max Minghella); the former Miss Popular, Anna (Lynn Collins); the bully, Culley (Chris Pratt) and his wife, Sam (Ari Graynor); the musician who has a hit song, Reeves (Oscar Issac); the lonely girl, Elise (Kate Mara); the former wigger, Garrity (Brian Geraghty) and his seemingly-stuffy wife (Aubrey Plaza); the guy who is friends with everyone, Scotty (Scott Porter); the goofy ladies-man Andre (Anthony Mackie); and the nerd, Peter (Aaron Yoo).

It’s so much fun watching these characters interact with each other and performances are fantastic across the board here. Director and writer Linden wrote a fantastic script, but what makes the film enjoyable is this excellent cast of actors.

It’s awesome to see Tatum and Dewan reunite on-screen again after 2006’s “Step Up.” This film shows the excellent range Oscar Isaac has, who plays the now-famous singer. He exudes charm and wit, unlike the harder characters he’s played in the past. Graynor, who also starred in this year’s “For A Good Time, Call…” shouldn’t go overlooked either. The actress is known for comedy and she continues her comedic streak here, but there is one particular scene with her and Chris Pratt, that just blew me away.

There is one particular “fairy tale” element of the story, that seemed a bit out of place and it has to do with Kate Mara and Oscar Isaac’s characters. The majority of the movie is so real and genuine, but this scene took me out of the reunion-world for a minute or two until I was sucked back in by the charming cast of characters.

“10 Years” is certainly worth seeing if you love movies like “She’s All That,” the “American Pie” films and “Can’t Hardly Wait.” Not only is the film deeply genuine about the awkwardness and realism of a typical high school reunion, it signifies a promising career in producing for Channing Tatum.


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